Artist Statement

My work focuses on amplifying the silenced narratives of underserved communities, migrants and people of color by using the power of public art and figurative representation. My aim is to foster a better present by creating a safe space where one can imagine a brighter and just future, while at the same time questioning and confronting oppression, prejudice and exploitation.

My projects and artwork are rooted in a methodology of social engagement similar to journalism, where I serve as a witness or a mirror set against my collaborators and host communities. The end result is a collaborative work that manifests itself as large scale murals, exhibitions, lectures, paintings, drawings, sculptures, installations, public art interventions, curation, or a mixture of all of the above. The artwork speaks to the context where it is created and it reflects the communities that help create them. More often than not, the effects are immediate, and can voice a radical perspective that creates dialogue, or conflict, in order to go beyond the aesthetic and touches people personally by offering counter narratives of hope.

The power inherit in this practice allows me to work with projects that have goals as varied as community celebration, climate change awareness, protest and city beautification. My work exists on museums, galleries, classrooms and public space around the world. It is ephemeral, representational, non didactic and it is fully complete when viewers and community stake holders accept it in their communities or otherwise become engaged by it.