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Geometria Poetica

is a mural based on Salvadoran poetry as interpreted by Salvadoran artists and myself. The site we painted, Teatro Camara Roque Dalton, set the tone for the piece by being named after the seminal poet who lived in exile and died murdered in San Salvador. This idea then grew to include a poem by Javier Zamora, @jzsalvipoet a contemporary poet born in San Salvador who migrated to the USA at age 9 to be reunited with his parents. This poem is titled "Instrucciones Para Mi Entierro" and was presented during the skill share workshops to the local artists and participants in order to derive imagery, metaphors and interpretations as content for the mural. From those conversations we decided to also include a portrait of #AmadaLibertad or Leyla Patricia Quintana Marxelly, a poet and guerrilla fighter who died at 19 fighting for the Resistencia Nacional party. Her inclusion is a major key because she became a symbol for a new generation of Salvadorans but is not widely recognized as part of the narrative of Savadoran identity. Put all of this together and we have a mural painted by many hands and minds that reflects on the value of culture, culture that needs to be free, free como el pan y poesia, free and open for all.

This project was part of ConectArte and took place on April of 2016 in San Salvador, el Salvador.
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