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“The Paul Robeson Paean: Part III”
Paul Robeson Galleries, Newark, NJ

the third mural in a series for @paulrobesongalleries at @expressnewark.

"Every artist, every scientist, every writer must decide now where he stands. He has no alternative. There is no standing above the conflict on Olympian heights. There are no impartial observers. The battle front is everywhere. There is no sheltered rear.

The artist must take sides. He must elect to fight for freedom or for slavery. I have made my choice. I had no alternative. The history of this era is characterized by the degradation of my people. Despoiled of their lands, their culture destroyed, they are in every country save one, denied equal protection of the law, and deprived of their rightful place in the respect of their fellows.

Again I say, the true artist cannot hold himself aloof."

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