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a depiction of urgency

12 bird species under threat of extinction due to ClimateChange • a mural created in collaboration with Audubon Society, Gitler and____ gallery and Cassandra Gabriella for the Audubon Mural Project at 575 w 155th St in Harlem, NYC, to raise awareness of this global issue. Check out their site for full information and ways you can take action at •

The composition plays homage to Audubon's work by replicating his Swallow-Tailed Kite painting that encapsulates the following flock of endangered birds:

Golden Eagle,
Magnolia Warbler,
Yellow Bellied Sapsucker,
Northern Harrier, Scarlet Tanager,
Black-and-White Warbler,
White-Throated Sparrow,
Common Raven,
Tree Swallow,
Baltimore Oriole and the Ring-Billed Gull

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