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average populous

a mural made in collaboration with Savage Habbit for their new series of projects in Secaucus NJ - the piece's center protagonist is Henry B. Krajewski: an American politician who ran for the United States Presidency in 1952 and in 1956 for the "Poor Man's Party" and who, having a background as a pig farmer, ran under the promise of "no piggy deals in Washington." This form of blue collar affinity led him to create an image of the "Average American" and to represent this ideal as a tall, hard working, pig farmer turned politician. I find this sentiment very New Jersey: always relegated as the armpit of the USA, NJ seems to only nurture fighters and a strong suburban middle class. This is the case for #Secaucus today with its industrial history, commercial arteries, natural marshes and wetlands. The American Redstart bird signifies this perennial back and forth of economy as a migratory big that changes its name to "candelita" or little torch when it winters in South America. The last element is a reimagining of the #Prudential company's Logo, which was inspired by #SnakeHill in the southern most padr of the town
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