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Con nuestros propios esfuerzos

A collaborative mural painted with Mata Ruda, Ricardo Cabret and Don Rimx in Brooklyn, NY.

"Con nuestros propios esfuerzos" or "through our own efforts" refers to both the 1992 Cuban state published instructional book of the same title and as a summary of the process and shared language of making art on the streets that we practice. The book took on an an economic crisis by collecting the spirit of resourcefulness and ingenuity of the Cuban people, who faced with hardship learned to turn any material, object or situation into a new working substitute or invention, This process being the same one we practice by making public art and not letting anything stop it's creation. The mural grows from our conversations, thoughts and perspectives on such contemporary issues regarding Latin America and the immigrant experience with a focus on the recent developments between the USA and Cuba. The piece itself sources imagery from the Cuban National Seal, portraiture of its citizens and the double edged ideals of isolation, separation, strength and unity.
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