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Creando Camino

another collaboration with @geraluz and @w3rc painted on a large trailer that will be mobile soon in #PuertoRico.

It depicts a portrait of #ChristopherColumbus being covered by a #machete filled with indigenous patterns and held by a #Taino woman, based on a sculpture found at the Museo de las Americas - the composition is backed by an abstracted Puerto Rican flag filled with a gradient of blue, purple and red. This is a piece created in solidarity for, and dedicated to, the decolonization efforts of the Puerto Rican people. To their struggles against authoritarian rule in the form of an all powerful #Junta, to their incarcerated intellectuals, their new crop of activist leaders and to their beautiful fighting spirit against oppression. • Thanks to @santurceesley and @montana_colors for their help and to @donrimx and @ninotchka_g for their love •

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