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oil and acrylic on paper
16 x 20 in

a memorial piece for José Isidro Tendetza, former vice-president of the Federation of the Shuar indigenous group in the region of Zamora, Ecuador. On December 2nd, 2014 his body was found buried in an unmarked grave with sings of torture and broken bones. He was a prominent indigenous leader against the Chinese mining group Ecuacorriente, a company that has been encouraged by the Ecuadorian government to exploit mineral mining in an area inhabited by the Shuar throughout their history. Allegations against Ecuacorriente include intimidation, knocking down Tendetza's house and burning his farm. The trend of violence against indigenous leaders and Amazonian communities continues at the hands of foreign and national private interests - Esta obra esta dedicada para ustedes líderes de la lucha justa •

private collection
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