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revolutions / alrededor

36 x 24 in, oil on canvas • this piece celebrates two generations of indigenous struggle leadership by featuring #FaithSpottedEagle, Yankton Sioux Nation member and activist involved in the blocking of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines in The #USA along with a spotted eagle and a #jaguar. The second portrait depicts a @ninagualinga, an environmental and indigenous rights activist from #Sarayuku in the Ecuadorian Amazon. As recently as last month, the #Ecuadorian government forced the residents of the Morona Santiago province to make way for the Chinese mining company #EcuaCobre to exploit the copper underground, an illegal move that has resulted in altercations, deaths, persecution of indigenous leaders, evictions, a military take over and the uprising of the #Shuar community to fight for their territories and to defend nature - this piece goes out in solidarity to the #sospuebloshuar campaign as well as the #nodapl camps.

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