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te recuerdo como eras / I remember you as you were

a flick of this collaborative piece made with Mata Ruda as it is unveiled at Athen B Gallery's opening for "Co•Lab" out in #Oakland - "Te recuerdo como eras / I remember you as you were" is a reimagining of the seminal painting "Las Floristas" by the Ecuadorian painter Camilo Egas who, along Oswaldo Guayasamin, shaped the #Indigenismo movement of the early 1920's. By taking Western European traditions and updating them with the representation of the Indio, the indigenous skin and body that was kept dormant and subjugated in one way or another since la conquista, Egas subversively changed the dichotomy of power present in art history in the same way that artists like @kehindewiley are doing today. Our version builds upon this tradition to speak of what we see as the current #latino experience in the Americas- speaking from the chingada of spanglish, the orphanage of migration, la vida entre guiones: the liberated brown boy and badass brown girl mentality. 🌹

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